Text Box:   Established 1945                             Puyallup, Washington                  September 2014

Membership Renewal Time!!


Membership Renewals are due in August.† Go to the membership tab on the front page to get the form!



The club has made some changes on the new membership policy effective September 2014. If you are planning on joining the club, please check out the information on page 7.


Doug still has some (very few) club patches ($5) and decals ($2) for sale. Give him a call if you want to purchase a few. Proceeds go to the junior program.


If you have been to the pistol range lately, you might have noticed that the last few stations have been blocked off. Both Dougs, and Ed Cole, have been digging a new trench to replace the leaking air lines that are used for the turning targets. Thankfully, the job is almost done.


September is hunter sight in time, so the rifle range will be closed at various times to accommodate this. All ranges will be closed September 1, 8am to 2pm for the International Rifle match, and September 30, 7am to 2pm for a BPC match. Check the calendar before coming to the range.


Members are responsible for their guests. Your guests must be under your direct supervision at all times. Supervision includes:

making sure they have read and understand all range rules

making sure they understand how to SAFELY operate the firearm they are using (including the sight system)

making sure they know and follow all the rules of safe firearm handling on and off the firing line.

We have had several instances lately where guests have apparently had inadequate training and supervision resulting in unsafe conditions and damages to the range.


If you are done using the manual trap thrower on the shotgun range, please do not leave it in the cocked position. If the thrower goes off while someone is removing the tarp or getting set up, it can cause a very serious injury. Please leave it in the released position when you are finished using it.


The committee that is looking into building a new clubhouse will be meeting with the Abby Road Group every couple of weeks to exchange ideas on the new building.


It was nice to see Darrin Williamson back on the job at the meeting Friday night. While he is still not 100% healthy, he is back attending to his duties. Welcome back Darrin!


The club was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Washington Soldiers Home in Orting, thanking the club for hosting range days for some of the disabled veterans. It gets some of the vets out to the range for a fun afternoon of shooting.


The club is looking into having the pumphouse roof replaced by a roofing company. Not sure how old the existing roof is, but it sure needs to be replaced.