Text Box:   Established 1945                             Puyallup, Washington                  July 2014


There will be a work party August 24, 9am to noon on the rifle range to get ready for hunter sight-in. Your help is desperately needed (hey all you new members, are you paying attention??!!). This is a big money maker for the club, and a lot of work is necessary to get us ready. We will be working on new target stands and other miscellaneous duties. I can almost promise that no one will break a sweat, and we always have a good time. If you can spare a few hours, please join us at the range. Your time would help the club and would be greatly appreciated.


All ranges will be closed 8am to 6pm July 5-6 (high power rifle matches) and on July 19th (high power nostalgia match), and on August 3rd, 8am to 5 pm, (high power rifle match). This is a very busy time of the year for the club. Always check the calendar before planning a trip to the range.


All shooters must sign in at the range officer’s shack prior to shooting. No exceptions!



The new camera/security system installation has started. The pistol range has been wired, and wiring has started on the rifle range.


Doug still has some club patches ($5) and decals ($2) for sale. Give him a call if you want to purchase a few. Proceeds go to the junior program.


Members are requested to sweep up their brass when they are finished shooting, and deposit it (and any “dud” rounds) into the red containers on the range. Please do not sweep the brass forward into the dirt where it is very hard to retrieve. Steel and aluminum cases are to be placed in the 5 gallon pails for recycling. Your cooperation is appreciated.



Membership Renewal Time!!


Membership Renewals are due in August.  Go to the membership tab on the front page to get the form!