Text Box:   Established 1945                             Puyallup, Washington                  April 2015



All of the wood from the trees lost in the last wind storm has been cut up and sold.


Doug has just received the new club tee shirts. They are blue with the club emblem on the front. They are selling for $15. He also has some of the new club patches for sale at $12 each. The proceeds on these items go to the junior program. If you are interested, get in touch with Doug at 253-846-6767 or see him at the range.


Anyone who has membership questions should contact the membership secretary, Ben LoCicero at 253-848-2204. He can answer all questions regarding joining the club, membership issues, badge problems or troubles with your gate code.


Darrel Behounek would like to remind those who will be camping at the range for a match or rendezvous to please† do not throw partially burned wood or ashes onto the berms or into the woods. This practice creates a very dangerous fire hazard. Please put ashes or partially burned wood into the stoves and return unburned firewood to the stack near one of the stoves on the rifle range.


The .22 smallbore rifle summer league starts the June 1st with a couple of practice matches followed by matches for record. The matches can be shot prone or 3 position. Contact Bob Wendt if you have any questions



From time to time, all of our ranges are closed to general shooting. For example, when we have a 600 yard high power rifle match, the competitors are shooting over the top of the parking area and the 200 yard rifle range.† This is signified by the red flags on the flag poles as you drive into the range, and the red gate inside the yellow entry gate being closed. The range closure means absolutely no access to any of the club ranges or parking areas. No exceptions. These range closures are posted in the calendar inside the back page of the BullSheet or on line.



Larry Wilson has lots of used brass for sale. The proceeds go to help the junior program. Give him a call at 253-347-3225.