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††† This web site is designed to publish the monthly newsletter and calendar for use by our membership.† Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsmanís Club is a private club with a Shotgun Range, Rifle Range, Pistol Range and Action Pistol Bays.† We have an active and successful Junior shooting program for ages 11 through 20.† Membership is by application only.† Those interested in joining must attend an orientation meeting the Second Sunday of each month at 4:00 PM at the clubhouse on the range.† The membership dues are $96 per year running from September 1st through August 31st.† New members are prorated based on the month of application.† There is a one time initiation fee of $110.† You must be a member of NRA (bring proof).† If you are not a current member, you will be required to join.† The fee to join NRA is an additional $40.† The total fees will depend on the month you join and your NRA membership status.

Paul Bunyan Rifle Club

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Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsmanís Club was founded, and applied for National Rifle Association charter in March of 1945 by 57 charter members, most from the Midland area, others from Tacoma and Puyallup.


Forty acres were purchased from Weyerhauser Timber Company in March or April 1946.† About mid-May of 1948, the south forty acres were purchased and in the mid 1950ís, 11 more acres were purchased to extend ownership from just above the target butts to the present right of way of 176th Street, thus protecting the firing range.


The original rifle range had 6 firing points to 600 yards. In 1956, the butts were extended to 18 targets, and in 1968 extended to 30 targets and firing points to 600 yards, creating of Paul Bunyan the largest civilian owned range in the Northwest.† The pistol range was twice enlarged from the original and a trap range laid out in its present location.


From its beginning, Paul Bunyan has worked for and supported conservation of our wildlife and other resources, becoming active in the Washington State Sports Council and the Pierce County Council.† Of the outstanding sportsmen of Pierce County, a majority have been or are members of Paul Bunyan.


In 1969 Paul Bunyan received the National Rifle Associationís ďOutstanding Club of the NationĒ award; previously the club had been runner-up and had received awards from the National Wildlife Federation and the State Sports Council.


When the NRA began the Hunter Safety Training Program in 1948, Paul Bunyan was impressed and in 1952 conducted the first safety training program in Washington State, as recognized by the NRA.† During the next several years, Paul Bunyan worked with the Washington State Sports Council and the State Game Dept, pressing for legislation making safety training mandatory for juveniles applying for first licenses to hunt.† Legislation was passed in 1957 and our Club was greatly instrumental in starting the program and in the training of both juveniles and adults who wanted to instruct.


In 1960, Paul Bunyan became the Nationís first rifle club to be officially certified as a tree farm.† Much of the capital required to extend the target butts in 1968 was derived from selective logging using tree farming equipment under the supervision of Forestry Officials.

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